About my Person

Admission as alternative practioner for psychotherapy

Certification by AWIHR- school for Psychologische Homöopathie

since 2006:

Study of Psychologische Homöopathie with Klaus-Peter Schenk (www.AWIHR.de) and Vega Rozenberg

2004 – 2014:

Work as an assistant to Klaus-Peter Schenk

Due to severe health problems I started a holistic therapy with Psychologische Homöopathie in 2001- more or less because I was pressed by my loved ones and without really hoping something could change.
In the following time the quality of my life increased amazingly in all levels of my being which can hardly be described with words: When I woke up in the morning I felt happy, peaceful and full of love, I was completely within myself. My energy and my concentration rose tremendously. Apart from that, annoying medical conditions simply disappeared and I could spend the time of hay fever completely relaxed in the blooming meadows without using an asthma spray any more.

Being extremely sceptical I wanted to know how such a significant change is possible in the first place and started studying Psychologische Homöopathie. During my training I saw many, many cases in which people’s lives were changed by the therapy at least as significantly as mine was. I realized that this was not due to „my personal miracle“ but rather to the clear laws of healing defined by Hahnemann in his Organon and the precise application of these rules. Since this time I was sure that I also wanted to use this extraordinary art of healing to help other people in rising their level of health.

Hede Hass

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