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The laws of Homeopathy now have been effective for more than 200 years.

Discovered by Samuel Hahnemann (1755–1843) and defined in his book called The Organon of the Healing Art, these rules form the base for holistic healing on all levels of human existence: spiritual, mental, emotional as well as physical.

The impulse of the homeopathic remedy is as immaterial as the force which caused the illness. The correct remedy shows a precise image of all the symptoms the person is suffering from. Hahnemann discovered „Similia similibus curentur“- „like cures like“. This means that the symptoms of a sick person will disappear when they take the remedy causing exactly these symptoms in a healthy person.

The precise and correct application of these rules in combination with a health supporting way of life of the once sick individual can create a field of freedom- difficulites are lost and there is space for new decisions and for evolution.

Im gesunden Menschen waltet die geistartige, als Dynamis den materiellen Körper (Organism) belebende Lebenskraft (Autocratie) unumschränkt und hält alle seine Theile in bewundernswürdig harmonischem Lebensgange in Gefühlen und Thätigkeiten, so daß unser inwohnende, vernünftige Geist sich dieses lebendigen, gesunden Werkzeugs frei zu dem höhern Zwecke unsers Daseins bedienen kann.

Samuel Hahnemann §9, „Organon der Heilkunst“

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